Customer Portal

At Lighthouse Construction we believe in the importance of communication. We’ve adopted an interactive customer portal to manage all of the associated documentation and data that encompasses a construction process. This system includes:


We use Daily Logs to document progress and ensure quality construction. Customers can check logs from their computer or mobile phone. Logs include photos and the reported weather conditions.


We update your Schedule weekly to make sure that our project adheres to your expectations and timeframes. Milestone payments are also included in your schedule so that you are aware and prepared for the next payment.


All of the construction drawings, contracts, and other documents are stored in a convenient online drive so that you don’t have to sort through past emails to find exactly what you are looking for.


Whether you live in Detroit Lakes, or out of town, the Selection tab is where you can find all of your product specifications. All of the plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, cabinets, countertops, and other decisions are stored under selections. Allowances adjustments will automatically be calculated by the software.


Customers can view all of their Invoices and see exactly what they owe on their projects.


Once a project is started, customers can request changes to the original contract, such as upgrading from laminate to granite countertops. The Change Orders can be
approved directly through the system.