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A great asset to our Design Center is our 3D services. Although 2D drawings are necessary in the construction process, the 3D views offer benefits to both the client and the construction team. Our desire is to help you better visualize your project before construction, which adds certainty and peace of mind that your are getting value for your investment.

One of the hardest parts of the pre-construction phase for a homeowner is visualizing the end result from 2D plans. Although elevations help to aid in this, what can really set a project apart is the use of 3D design. These models enable us to show the project in a more inclusive view, giving you a much more hands-on approach to design details. Inside the 3D models, our designers can input product selections which provides confidence in the choices made before installation has already occurred.

If something doesn’t quite look right, on the spot changes can be made, reducing the time between a revision request and seeing the results. Although some changes may take time and are not an immediate fix, many can be done right in front of you-including product changes, relocating certain items, and cabinetry changes. An additional benefit of 3D designs is the ability for the Designers, Sales Associates and Project Managers to catch details and potential problems in advance and correct them before they become an issue.


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